Families and Religion

How Hate Hijacked the Bible: Reclaiming our Goodness

Lee Yates

Lee Yates

Covina Community Church

Workshop Session #2

9AM - 10AM -

Session Overview

Assumptions about ancient cultures, inconsistent practices, and intentional translation bias are all clearly seen in the way the modern Church has spoken about gender identity. God created and called us good, but some are determined to condemn everyone and claim they speak for God. For too long the Church contended or at lest failed to condemn such practices till the message was hijacked and the Bible’s message of love and grace was lost. People often condemn, starting with the words, “The Bible says…” It’s time to unpack that propaganda and know how to respond without having to cut faith out of our life.


Rev. Lee Yates is pastor of Covina Community Church, a small multi-cultural congregation with a deep commitment to inclusivity and affirmation of all people. Rev. Yates helped organize the congregation’s “Rainbow Day” in 2018, bringing together advocates, nonprofits, educators and the faith community for a day of celebration and conversation. Rev. Yates regularly leads workshops on the manipulation of scripture to condemn people, and on trauma resilience. Previously, Rev. Yates served as Minister of Faith Formation for the Christian Church in Indiana and various congregations where he worked with youth and families. He still writes curriculum for youth and children’s programs and consults with congregations seeking to develop deeper intergenerational relationships.