LGBTQ Advocacy

The Black Man in the Middle: Examining Masculinity in its Extremes

Kai Smith

Kai Smith

APLA Health and Wellness

Workshop Session #1

9AM - 10AM -

Session Overview

Examining and recognizing Masculinity in and of American Black Men. The presentation will look at Historic and current ideals, imagines, stereotypes, of and within African American/Black communities and how they have in the past and currently impact Black Gay men and their community.


Kai Smith was born in Montgomery Alabama, in a military family, and spent most of his young life traveling. His father and he moved to Tucson Arizona in 2006 ,and then he moved to Los Angeles in 2016. Kai is a Prevention Training Specialist on the Healthy Him Team at APLA Health and Wellness. Kai graduated from the University of Arizona in 2013 with a B.A in Psychology and Dance. Kai spends most of my free time reading, listening to music, or just enjoying the city and all its variety of activities.
CO-PRESENTER: Ty Gaffney-Smith