LGBTQ Advocacy

Social Justice from the Ivory Tower

Judy Chiasson

Judy Chiasson

LAUSD’s office of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity

Workshop Session #1

9AM - 10AM - 10:00:00

Session Overview

School districts are large institutions with multiple entry points for advocating for LGBTQ students, staff and families. This workshop explores strategies to leverage data and community voice to support systemic change. SOGIE-affirming schools prosper with a synergistic blend of institutional leadership, school-site visionaries, and vocal students and families. We will profile current data, policies, initiatives, and examine emerging opportunities for growth for schools. Listening is a critical component of community schooling. This interactive workshop will engage participants in dialogue about their visions for SOGIE-affirming school environments for students, staff and families.  
Co-Presenter- Timothy Kordic


Judy Chiasson, PhD, oversees LAUSD’s office of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity, where she is responsible for designing and implementing districtwide programs to affirm racial, cultural, religious, sexual orientation and gender diversity.
Timothy Kordic, MA, is the Project Manager for the LAUSD HIV/AIDS Prevention Unit. Funding supports mandates around HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy prevention and LGBTQ youth. Chiasson and Kordic work closely with principals, teachers, students and community partners to build SOGIE-affirming learning and working environments for LGBTQ students, staff and families