School Based: Safe Schools, Neighborhoods, and Housing

Talk Less, Listen More: Bridging the Gap from Safe Spaces and into Active Partnerships

Jamie Julian

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Workshop Session #2

10:55AM - 12:00PM -

Session Overview

This workshop will focus on specific interventions for building and partnering with LGBTQI youth in ways that support their authentic identities. When individuals and agencies perpetuate a gender binary, it excludes the very expansive ways in which young people identify and can inadvertently create a potentially harmful environment. This presentation will address unconscious bias and personal privilege that can affect one’s ability to be an effective and active ally. Allyship is an ongoing process that requires individuals to recognize their personal power and leverage that power to partner with young people in meaningful and productive ways. Part of this process requires the ally to recognize their personal beliefs about a gender binary and harness the ability to separate that from the way they support others. Participants will work actively through case vignettes to identify ways that individuals and agencies can target implicit bias that often comes up in the workplace to create a safe and affirming environment for young people to thrive.


Jamie Julian is a licensed clinical social worker at the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. The Center for Transyouth is the largest Transyouth clinic in the country. Jamie works on a multidisciplinary team to ensure that all patients are supported and affirmed in their identity. Jamie oversees mental health and crisis services for families and young adults . She provides trainings nationwide on LGBTQI competencies with specialization on gender minorities. She has expertise in working with Trans and GNC youth in crisis and navigating systems that are often part of the problem. Jamie currently serves on the LGBTQ Statewide Coordinating Center Advisory Committee and the diversity council within CHLA.