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Xelestiál Moreno-Luz
Xelestiál Moreno-Luz
Xelestiál Moreno-Luz
Xelestiál Moreno-Luz is a woman of transgender experience, a multi-disciplinary artist, advocate, and cultural curator living in Los Angeles (Tongva Nation), CA. Originally raised in Southeast & Central Los Angeles, she currently serves as the Program Manager at REACH LA – a historical arts organization that has empowered LGBTQ+ youth and young adults in Los Angeles since 1992. Xelestiál’s approach to advocacy focuses on collective autonomy, self-determination, and transformative justice. She began exploring photography, her preferred artistic medium, by capturing self-portraits; she is transforming culture alongside LGBTQ+ BIPOC by implementing art and cultural initiatives that explore joy, chosen family, healing, magical realism, and belonging. Xelestiál’s work has been co-featured at the Museo Nacional de la Estampa, the Huntington, the Getty Museum, the CINEMQ film festival in Shanghai, GLAAD, and on Rest for Resistance. Xelestiál’s speaking and workshop engagements include the California African American Museum, Chosen Family and the Photograph; University of California Berkeley, Arts in Times of Crisis; Princeton University & Harvard University, LGBTQ+ Identity in Latin America; and national conferences like NAESM, Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit, and the United States Conference on HIV and AIDS.


Plenary Panel: The Multi-Dimensions of Gender
A panel discussion highlighting the voices of transgender movement, action, and resilience in Los Angeles featuring Eden Luna, Ezra Michael, Mars Wright, and Xelestiál Moreno-Luz with transgender health advocate Luckie Alexander as the moderator. The panel will highlight the power of community and self-affirmation, the importance of transgender accomplice-ship, and the intersections of art and multidimensional genders.