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Timothy Vallez
Timothy Vallez
Los Angeles County Probation Department
Timothy Vallez
Timothy Vallez is a 32-year veteran with the Los Angeles County Probation Department in the Residential Treatment Services Bureau. Mr. Vallez is also an ardent advocate for LGBTQ+ youth in detention and is the department’s subject matter expert for LGBTQ+ related topics. He also represents the Department on the Inter-County Agency LGBTQ Steering Committee. In addition to working for probation, Tim was an Associate Clinical Social Worker for La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center. La Fuente is a leader in LGBT focused residential substance abuse treatment. Mr. Vallez has served on the joint County of Los Angeles/City of Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Task Force and the LGBTQ+ Youth in Detention Task Force. Currently he is on the LGBTQ+ Youth Advisory Council and is a board member on the Los Angeles County LGBTQ+ Child Abuse Council. He has presented on LGBTQ+ Youth in Detention as a guest lecturer at Luskin School of Public Policy, University of California Los Angeles; CSUN and CSULA. Mr. Vallez graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 1988 and from California State University Los Angeles with a Master of Social Work in June of 2016. In 2018 he completed a certificate program from the Mc Court School of Public Policy, Georgetown University in Supporting LGBTQ Youth.


Why LGBTQIA+ Youth are Overrepresented in Detention Settings
LGBTQ youth are overrepresented in the juvenile justice system which is well documented in recent peer reviewed research. This workshop will correlate historical parallels to other marginalized groups and the LGBTQ youth population. Multiple intersections drive this issue, which highlights the importance of an interagency approach in addressing appropriate solutions. It will explore the various roles that judges, attorneys, schools, probation, children’s protective services and community-based organization play in exacerbating the problem or collaborating to provide solutions.