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Rebecca Gitlin
Rebecca Gitlin
LA County Department of Mental Health (DMH)
Rebecca Gitlin
Dr. Rebecca Gitlin (she/her) is a licensed psychologist with LA County Department of Mental Health (DMH)’s Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion (ARDI) Division. She currently as DMH’s LGBTQ+ Services Specialist, and she is a member of the DMH Speakers Bureau and the DMH ARDI Staff Advisory Council. Dr. Gitlin’s current work focuses on expanding and improving DMH’s provision of culturally responsive, trauma-informed clinical services for LGBTQ+ communities. She provides training and consultation for DMH providers and local agencies on gender affirming behavioral health, intersectional practice with LGBTQ+ communities, and trauma-informed frameworks. She has served as a clinical instructor and supervisor for clinical trainees in psychology, psychiatry, and social work within various DMH programs. Dr. Gitlin is passionate about engaging with healthcare providers and community members to improve our systems of care.


LA County Panel: Affirming Care through the Public Sector: Past, Present, and Future
Join us as we navigate through three of LA County’s complex and inter-related systems of care and their services for Transgender, Gender Diverse or Intersex young people. Through this journey, participants will learn how the Departments of Mental Health (DMH), Children and Family Services (DCFS) and Health Services (DHS) have served as a safety net and perpetuated barriers and disparities for some of LA County’s most marginalized individuals and communities. Despite the challenges and traumas inherent to navigating government-funded sectors, these systems are in the process of meaningful culture change toward equity and justice for gender diverse young people. Together, will travel to the present to see how LA County’s healthcare and social services are undergoing a transformation, and we will collectively envision a future that includes a more inclusive and affirming public sector system of care for all communities.