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Mallery Robinson
Mallery Jenna Robinson
Transgender Advocate of Los Angeles
Mallery Jenna Robinson
Mallery Jenna Robinson is an Afro-Caribbean American Transgender advocate and activist and openly HIV positive since 2011. Mallery began her gender journey in 2006, at the age of 16 during the Bush Administration in Montgomery AL. She was allowed to present female even taking her senior pictures as female and having a date for prom thanks to her high school classmates in support of her transition. With the help of her family, she moved to Los Angeles California and got into Transgender Healthcare by working with The LGBTQ Center Long Beach from 2019-2021 as the Engagement Specialist and Service Navigator for their Transgender Health Program. In 2019, she began working at The LGBTQ Center in Long Beach as the Engagement Specialist and Service Navigator for The Transgender Health Department. She is now working as The Prevention Specialist with The AIDS Project Los Angeles Trans Connections in Los Angeles California since 2021.


Transgender Empathy Training
Transgender Empathy Training is a comprehensive training underneath the Trans Excellence Academy. Which guides individuals cisgender or transgender to build unity in community by leading with empathy.