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Luckie Alexander
Luckie Alexander
Invisible Men
Luckie Alexander
Luckie is the CEO and founder of Invisible Men, he has a passion for Gender and Social Justice and is very committed to giving back to the community through education, training, and awareness. He is a member of many organizations including, CHIPTS CAB Member, Los Angeles County HIV Commission co chair, a proud member & Historian of the Brown Boi Project and a current member and past Chair of the Trans Advisory Board of West Hollywood. He has received several awards for his advocacy work including the title of Mr. Quest 2018, Stonewall Democratic Club’s Trailblazer Award and BMP’s Lou Sullivan Award in 2020 for the work he does centered around transmasculine individuals in the HIV/AIDS arena and The Williams’ Institute Unity Award 2022. He was the Assistant Strategy Director for the historic 2019 National Trans Visibility March and was recognized by the Library Of Congress for creating the National Trans Visibility March website. His experience spans 20+ years in capacities such as Workforce Development Director, SGA Leadership in Utah, AB109 homeless shelter program manager, Peer Mentor for homeless LGBTQI 16-24 youth in Las Vegas Nv. and entrepreneur. He is also the artist responsible for the 2020 Hollywood “All Black Lives Matter” mural and a new author of “The In Between”.


Supporting Trans Youth: Living Authentically
This workshop aims to provide attendees with knowledge and tools to support trans youth in their journey towards living authentically. The workshop includes an introduction and icebreaker, a section on understanding gender and trans identity, strategies for supporting trans youth, the importance of living authentically, resources and support, and a Q&A and closing. The workshop emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space, respect, and confidentiality. By the end of the workshop, attendees should feel confident in their ability to support trans youth.