Edgy conference

Lee Yates
Lee Yates
MA, M.Div.
Covina Community Church
Lee Yates
So many organizations, including Churches, claim to be welcoming and safe for everyone. Too often, people discover that the welcome is either fake, insincere, or a toxic blend of good intentions and deep-rooted bias. We will explore the ways organizations communicate and discuss how to sort through the polished façades to see what a community is all about. This will include some first-person stories of those who have been welcomed into communities that said they were inclusive but discovered there were "strings attached." We will also hear stories of people who found safe communities where they could be their authentic self, and the powerful healing that can come in such a "safe sanctuary."


Decoding the Welcome: Nightmares, Pretenders, and Safe Sanctuaries
Rev. Lee Yates is an ordained minister and pastor of Covina Community Church, "The Rainbow Church," where he supports a multicultural community that is highly invested in trauma healing and social justice advocacy. Lee holds a BA in Public Relations from Chapman University and an M. Div. from Lexington Theological Seminary. He has received certifications in trauma informed care education from Eastern Mennonite University. Lee is a network creator, resource curator, and creative communicator with a passion for building authentic communities.