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Keilani Garcia
Keilani Garcia
Los Angeles LGBT Center
Keilani Garcia
For over 5 years, Keilani Garcia (she/they), has worked professionally as an ally and advocate for LGBTQ+ youth. They are currently a Training and Development Instructor in the RISE Program of Youth Services at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, but Keilani also previously worked as a Community Education Coordinator at Pacific Pride Foundation in Santa Barbara. Certified in Overdose Prevention and Response, Youth Mental Health First Aid, PrEP Navigation, and HIV/ Hep C Test counseling, Keilani’s passion and skills lie in educating people, especially youth, on topics that some may find hard to discuss such as gender, sexuality, sex, and drug use. With Bachelor’s degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara in Sociology and Feminist Studies, Keilani uses their education, experience, creativity, and compassion to problem-solve and build connections with and for the LGBTQ+ community.


Sex is not the Enemy: Reproductive Justice for LGBTQ+ Youth In Today’s Climate
The urgency for culturally competent, trauma-informed, and medically accurate education about sexual and reproductive health for LGBTQ+ young people is at an all time high. LGBTQ+ youth, particularly transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth, are oversexualized and under-educated about their sexual health and reproductive rights. That’s where we come in. This workshop will answer the questions: What rights do LGBTQ+ youth have when it comes to sexual and reproductive healthcare, education, and confidentiality? What does age-appropriate education about healthy sexual development for LGBTQ+ youth look like? How can adult allies support LGBTQ+ in receiving reproductive and sexual health services and education?