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Julia Greco
Julia Greco
Private Practice
Julia Greco
Julia Greco is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, providing therapeutic support through a lens of sex positivity. In her private practice, she serves individuals in the kinky, queer, and ethically non-monogamous communities, informed by lived experience and over a decade in the mental health field. Julia is passionate about combatting stigma around sexuality and pleasure and is a champion for body autonomy and empowerment. When she is not honoring her Italian roots by cooking something delicious for loved ones, she can be found playing with her parrot named Puppy.


How Sex Positivity Creates Safer Spaces
Through this presentation, participants will learn what sex positivity is, and what the benefits of engaging in spaces through a sex positive lens are. Participants will explore barriers to sex positive expression and the origins of these barriers. Additionally, participants will identify how the tenets of sex positivity can result in personal identification of wants and needs, ability to express these wants and needs clearly with without shame, ultimately resulting in a feeling of personal autonomy and empowerment, intimacy with others, and more safer spaces.