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Jonathan Skurnik
Jonathan Skurnik
The Youth & Gender Media Project
Jonathan Skurnik
Jonathan Skurnik is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, educator, and activist. With the Youth & Gender Media Project, Jonathan serves as an ally to the trans and gender expansive youth community, making films and curricula which help schools and other institutions serving youth to create inclusive environments which celebrate all manifestations of gender identity and expression.


Creating Gender Inclusive Schools
The goal of this training is to empower K12 educators to build welcoming classrooms and school cultures for all students, and especially for trans and gender expansive students. With 38 states trying to pass anti-transyouth laws, the challenges for gender expansive youth are growing, with higher rates of bullying and suicide than any other student population. Educators need resources to build their own competencies and to share with their students. The Youth & Gender Media Project film Creating Gender Inclusive Schools and accompanying activity guide will provide them with heart-opening and fun media and activities they can use in the classroom and with their peers.