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Jennifer Bailey
Jennifer Bailey
MA, Psy.D
Talk With Us Psychological Services; Monarch LGBTQ
Jennifer Bailey
Jen Bailey is a clinical psychologist working in private practice in Ventura County, CA. Their practice focuses on trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth and adults and their families, as well as patients experiencing extreme emotion dysregulation and high-risk behaviors. Their experience with trans youth ranges from inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential and IOP programs, and outpatient treatment. They helped found and currently serve on the board of Monarch LGBTQ, a non-profit dedicated to serving the LGBTQ population and training new therapists to competently address the needs of this population.


A Trans-Affirming Approach to Transition Discontinuation
This workshop will provide a trans-affirming framework for talking about when and why individuals cease medical treatment or discontinue social transition. Politicization of the relatively-rare phenomenon of "detransition" by anti-trans media and political figures complicates initiation of treatment for youth and families, who are often afraid of regret. It also impedes the ability of trans and non-binary youth - at every step of transition - to talk about complicated feelings they may be experiencing about their transition process. We will sort through research and case studies to develop a sympathetic understanding of both treatment and transition discontinuation that respects the identity and integrity of every individual; depoliticizing their experiences will allow us to provide better services to all trans and non-binary youth by anticipating concerns that may arise for them in their transition process. This will also provide us with language to address this phenomenon without furthering harm to the broader trans and nonbinary community.