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Jen Bailey-Guerra
Jen Bailey-Guerra
MA, Psy.D
Talk With Us Psychological Services; Monarch LGBTQ
Jen Bailey-Guerra
Dr. Jen has over 20 years of experience providing support to parents, adolescents, and young adults, primarily focusing on transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming youth and their families. Dr. Jen regularly gives professional presentations and trainings across Ventura and Los Angeles County on topics including advocacy for LGBTQ youth, treatment for gender dysphoria, suicide prevention, and trauma.


Let's Get Moving: Encouraging Mental Health by Supporting Healthy Physical Activity
It's generally known that physical activity promotes and sustains mental health. Being able to enjoy how our bodies interact with the world is also typically an important part of feeling joy, confidence, and contentment. Yet very few clinicians are successful when it comes to helping the youth we serve to incorporate movement into their lives. Clinicians consistently report that they don't feel they are competent in this area. On top of that, LGBTQ+ youth have unique challenges around taking care of their bodies, and those challenges are even more rarely discussed or addressed. This is especially true for transgender and gender-expansive youth. There's a big gap between what we know and what we do. This presentation will help us think more deeply about the particular challenges that LGBTQ+ youth face when it comes to this important component of living their lives to the fullest, and provide a number of potential ways to successfully motivate our clients to "get moving," and and to enjoy it.