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Ezra Michel
Ezra Michel
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Ezra Michel
Ezra Michel is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist with a major focus in music. His songs are grounded in his shameless authenticity, with lyrics that bring levity to even the darkest topics. In 2020 Ezra released his first single, ‘Man of my Dreams’— a love song dedicated to himself, after having the realization that he had grown up to be the man he always wished he could be. The man of his dreams. The song’s success was largely due to trans TikTokers using it to create heartfelt videos expressing gratitude for their transitions. Ezra has released many other meaningful songs over the course of his career, including singles ‘Girl Baby’, and ‘The Ballad of 41st Street’, and ‘Sissy’. In 2022 Ezra launched his first designer clothing brand, PUSSYBOY, a line dedicated to the empowerment of his transmasculine community, specifically targeting the folks with bottom dysphoria. Ezra was honored to host NYC Youth Pride 2022, and Trans Pride LA 2018. He was proudly featured as the first out trans masculine actor on Telemundo in the series “100 Dias Para Enamorarnos”, and in 2019 he graced the stage with trans royalty and Broadway star, Alexandra Billings, to duet a song with her in “I’m Still Queer: A Trans American Cabaret”, benefiting the USC acting scholarship named in her honor. In 2018 Ezra worked as the volunteer coordinator at the Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network (SBTAN) in his hometown of Santa Barbara, California. During his time at SBTAN, Ezra organized and facilitated a weekly transgender support group where he was able to foster a sense of safety in a city that was once a very isolating place to live in as a trans person. To this day Ezra believes that his work at SBTAN was the one of the most fulfilling positions he’s ever occupied. Ezra’s current life mission is to continue freeing himself from the confines of binary gender constructs, but in a hot and silly way so it’s still fun.


Plenary Panel: The Multi-Dimensions of Gender
A panel discussion highlighting the voices of transgender movement, action, and resilience in Los Angeles featuring Eden Luna, Ezra Michael, Mars Wright, and Xelestiál Moreno-Luz with transgender health advocate Luckie Alexander as the moderator. The panel will highlight the power of community and self-affirmation, the importance of transgender accomplice-ship, and the intersections of art and multidimensional genders.