Transitional Age Youth

With a Little Help From My Friends and Yellow Submarine Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Drop-in Center are the latest addition to the Penny Lane Family. We are dedicated to providing a safe space for youth ages 16-25 within SPA 1 and SPA 7 within Los Angeles County.

Our mission is to assist and foster success for those who are LGBTQ identified or questioning, foster youth, and/or experiencing homelessness between the ages of 16-25 by creating a safe space for youth to achieve and prosper. Our TAY centers are a Department of Mental Health (DMH) funded contract and partnered with Department of Rehab (DOR) to be able to provide services for mental health as well as career preparation. Some of the services provided are: Creative Strengths-Based Support Groups, HIV/STI Education and Testing (provided by JWCH Institute) Showers and Laundromat, Games and Socialization, snacks and hot meals, Job Prep Workshops, Resume Building, Internet Access, Employment Goal Setting, and Job Experience/Intership.

By creating a safe space and providing resources, we can help foster new hope and goals that are achievable through our program.

Our drop-in centers will be open Tuesday – Friday from 5pm—7 pm and Saturday’s from 8 am—8 pm in Commerce or Lancaster.

If you have any questions please contact Nikki Rhoden or Casey Zuniga.

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EDGY Safe Space Socials

EDGY Safe Space Socials are a safe space where all people can bring their authentic selves and feel safe, welcome and included. The LGBTQ Safe Space Socials aim to increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills for individuals. We also address the challenges that exist when one wants to advocate for themselves and/or their LGBTQ peers, family members, friends, and coworkers. The Safe Space Socials are free for any youth in the Los Angeles County to attend...

Come share your stories, meet some new LGBTQ friends/allies, and laugh with us all!!!!