october 15

9AM - 5PM

Thursday, October 15
Skirball Cultural Center
9:00AM - 5PM

Penny Lane Centers proudly presents EDGY (Embracing the Diversity of GLBTQ Youth and families), a one day conference to build awareness and cultural competency, learn current and emerging best prac¬tices as well as gather resources from leading experts and organizations to create a more supportive environment for LGBTQ+ youth and families.

Understandings of gender continually evolve. In the course of a person’s life the interests, activities, clothing, and professions that are considered the domain of one gender or another evolve in ways both small and large. This has perhaps never been truer than it is now. The data shows that today’s young people have significantly different understandings of gender than previous generations, with consequences for all children, families, organizations and institutions.

All of us are inundated with gender messages from the time we are born yet we offer children few opportunities to more deeply consider or understand this fundamentally important aspect of life. Basic gender literacy is essential for children to understand their own gender, engage in healthy relationships, identify and place media and social messages in context, and have agency in determining aspects of their gender now and in the future. Societal ideas about gender will affect every critical aspect of their lives, from education to career, finances, relationships and more.

People tend to use the terms “sex” and “gender” interchangeably. But, while connected, the two terms are not equivalent. Generally, we assign a newborn’s sex as either male or female based on the baby’s genitals. Once the sex is assigned, we presume the child’s gender. For some people, this is cause for little, if any, concern because their gender aligns with gender-related ideas and assumptions associated with their sex. Nevertheless, while gender may begin with the assignment of our sex, it doesn’t end there. A person’s gender is the complex interrelationship between three dimensions: body, identity and social. EDGY 2020 will focus around the topic of these different dimensions of gender and how they impact the LGBTQ youth we work with in our line of work.

Interested in presenting a workshop at EDGY 2020? Submit your workshop proposal before May 31st.

RFP Period February 1-May 31st.





feb 1 - Aug 31




per person groups of 10 or more

feb 1 - oct 14




Must present student ID

feb 1 - oct 14

What's Included

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

& Enjoyable
Break-Out Sessions

Valuable Networking Opportunities & Resource Fair

Complimentary Breakfast & Lunch

6 CEU Credits


2019 Keynote Presenters

Wendy Ashley

Wendy Ashley


California State University Northridge


Ellie Krug

Writer, Lawyer, Human

Human Inspiration Works


Bobby Cagle


Department of Children and Family Services, Los Angeles


JM Longoria III

Victor M. Dueñas

Director and Writer

Award-winning short film Bibi

2019 Presenters

Addison Rose Vincent

Addison Rose Vincent, BA

Break the Binary LLC


Kai Smith, BA

APLA Health and Wellness

Judy Chiasson

Judy Chiasson, Ph.D.

LAUSD Office of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity

Summer Gomez, LCSW

Summer Gomez, LCSW

Penny Lane Centers


John Ireland, BA

Transforming Family


Kevin Medina, MSW/MPP



Patrick Davey Tully, MA, LMFT #115115

Psychotherapy / EMDR


Matthew Clements, MFA Film & TV Production

California State University, Northridge

Jen Bailey

Jen Bailey, Psy.D.

'Talk With Us' Psychological Services

Gregory Canillas

Gregory Canillas, Ph.D

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Ellie Krug

Ellie Krug

Human Inspiration Works

J. O'Dougherty

J. O'Dougherty, BA

LA LGBT Center

Lee Yates

Lee Yates M. DIV.

Covina Community Church

Vida Khavar

Vida Khavar, MA, LMFT

Family Builders by Adoption

Tim Vallez

Tim Vallez, MSW

Los Angeles County Probation Department

Jamie Julian

Jamie Julian, MSW/LCSW

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

2019 Sponsors


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ONE DIGITAL Health and Benefits
RICOH imagine. change.
San Fernando Valley LGBTQI+ Coalition

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